Oud of Soekamara

oud of sukamara

Origin from Sukamara, Central Borneo

Availabilty : SOLD OUT Craft : May 2013
Note : Floral, woody, light vanila
Price : $325 per 2.5 gram

Free postage and bonus some Indonesian Essential Oil :patchouli, nutmeg, black galangal, kaffirlime etc.


Oud of Muara Bungo


Origin from Muara Bungo, Jambi Province, Sumatera.

Availabilty : SOLD OUT Craft : March 2013
Note : Champory
Price : $325 per 2.5 gram

Free postage and bonus some Indonesian Essential Oil :patchouli, nutmeg, black galangal, kaffirlime etc.

Oud of Sibolga


Origin from Sibolga, North Sumatera Province, Sumatera.

Availabilty : SOLD OUT
Craft           : July 2012
Note           : woodsy, spicy, champory

Price           : USD 150/2.5 gram

Free postage and bonus some Indonesian Essential Oil :patchouli, nutmeg, black galangal, kaffirlime etc.
This is very nice product for the price, does not overheat his products so they don’t smell like burnt rubber. It is woodsy, spicy, camphory….I added a little fecal hindi to it just for the bite i like in my oud scents.
D.F – Perfumer -Indiana USA

Oud of Bekuleuw


Origin from Bengkulu Province, Sumatera.

Availabilty :  Sold out
Craft           : January 2013
Note           : Nutmeg, strong, vanila after minutes.

Price           : USD 390 per 2.5 gram
Free postage and bonus some Indonesian Essential Oil :patchouli, nutmeg, black galangal, kaffirlime etc.
I finally had some time to try out the oils you sent me. As of now I am speechless and highly, highly impressed with both oils. The distillation work is of high quality. As of now I love both of the oils and they are impressive in their own separate ways. ET. USA

Oud of Merangin


Oud of Merangin

Origin from Merangin, Jambi Province, Sumatera.

Availabilty : SOLD OUT
Craft           : January 2013
Note           : floral, sweet

Price           : USD 370 per 2.5 gram

Free postage and bonus some Indonesian Essential Oil :patchouli, nutmeg, black galangal, kaffirlime etc.
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Marangin oil. The smell is definitely Kalbar and highly pleasant. You have done a great job distilling this and you do great work. ET- Florida USA

AgarCraft Cultivation Project

We realize that is not always a natural aloe will continue to exist. The number of logging greatly affect the amount of natural agarwood oil feedstock. The population has declined resulting in CITES species included in Appendix II which includes a rare wood.

For that we’ve been trying to start to cultivate these plants for the sake of production and maintaining ecological balance and preservation of this rare tree. We started the nursery in Yogyakarta and will be planted in the area (Yogyakarta), Mojokerto (East Java), Magelang (Central Java), Samarinda (East Kalimantan), Bulungan (East Kalimantan).

This project is a guarantee of AgarCraft, that we did not necessarily destroy the world’s forests only for the purpose of business


In addition to planting, we also conducted a study of fungal inoculants of tree aloes. We do not use chemicals such as formic acid is widely used in Vietnam and Thailand. Due to the use of that naturally occurring stunted fungal will make the cultivation of agarwood oil has natural aloe scent approaching.

The Begining of Agarcraft

Agarwood, eaglewood, gaharu, aloeswood – these are just a few of the names for the resinous, fragrant and highly valuable heartwood produced by Aquilaria malaccensis and other species of the Indomalesian tree genus Aquilaria. The wealth of names for this dark and heavy wood (its Chinese name literally means ‘wood that sinks’) reflects its widespread and varied use over thousands of years. Agarwood’s use as a medicinal product has been recorded in the Sahih Muslim, which dates back to approximately the eighth century, and in the Ayurvedic medicinal text the Susruta Samhita. Its use as a perfume has been recorded in the old Testament. These and other uses continue today.

Agarcraft Distillery machine

Agarwood is used in Ayurvedic, Tibetan and traditional East Asian medical practices. Both agarwood oil and incense are used for their fragrant properties, notably in the Middle East. Agarwood incense is used in religious ceremonies by Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims, while a revival of the ‘Koh doh’ incense ceremony in Japan has rekindled interest in agarwood in that country. In Taiwan, agarwood is an aromatic ingredient in Chu-yeh Chingand Vo Ka Py wine. Although less common, agarwood may also be carved into sculptures, beads and boxes, these sometimes also being used for religious purposes.

It is true that Agarwood oil is the most rare & precious products on earth, but only distiller are know that Agarwood Oil is produced by steam distillation or hydro distillation of  low-grade agarwood chips and powder, High grade Agarwood chips use in only develop to Agarwood ChipsBut in AgarCraft we produce from low grade until high grade chips. It’s make different agarwood oil aroma and quality, including the prices.

More than just a scent, oud can be mentally and spiritually engaging. In fact, specimens from different regions also seem to have an effect on a person’s emotions. The wood had been collected from cultivated and  wild-harvested and very old trees. Even the air, in the room where the wood was stored had an overwhelmingly beautiful smell.

Agarcraft Nursery Malaccensis plant in Yogyakarta

We are having a Agar wood oil-manufacturing factory in Yogyakarta (Indonesia) and Collect raw material from Indonesian jungle and entire island in Indonesia for produce this oil. We are chooses wild tree, harvested tree for production our products, So our products have the original Smell of nature oil. We used old and new method for production, so qualities of products are really appreciated. In production we use steam and cohobation distill – Steel plant. Distillation method are begin with cut to small pieces of Agarwood chips.